John Reuter Greenworks, LLC has teamed up with Thornton Heating and Radiant Foil to provide a comprehensive home audit and retrofit package.  We use a whole-house approach for managing energy and increasing comfort in your home.

How it works:

John Reuter Greenworks, LLC, certified RESNET energy rater performs a complete home energy audit on your home and provides recommendations and cost analysis for upgrades that increase the efficiency and comfort of your home.   www.John

Thornton Heating will perform the heating, ventilation, and cooling upgrades, based on the audit recommendations.  This often involves duct sealing and insulating, re-routing ducts, providing make-up air, and upgrading mechanical systems.  Thornton Heating brings a wide range of expertise - from air management to reducing stack effect to direct venting and product selection.

Radiant Foil is a certified RESNET EnergySmart Insulation Company.  Their expertise is utilized for providing air-sealing and insulation from the crawlspace to the attic.  Radiant Foil performs the recommended upgrades that pertain to the thermal envelope of the home.  With decades of experience in thermal management, Radiant Foil provides thoughtful problem-solving and a meticulous work-product.  You will feel the difference! 

Following the upgrades, John Reuter Greenworks, LLC will provide a follow-up site visit to verify that the work was done correctly and address any questions or concerns that the homeowner might have.

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